Programme .::. Wednesday .::. 26 September

12:00    Special Interest Subgroups
  • The DNA damage and DNA replication stress responses: from old to new techniques and model systems
    (Organizers: P. Pichierri, E. Prosperi)
    • Methods for detecting checkpoint activation in response to UV, and other genotoxic agents in yeast and mammalian cells  Show Abstract
         Federica Marini (Milan)
    • DNA replication and genome stability: the role of ATM, ATR and the Mre11 complex  Show Abstract
         Vincenzo Costanzo (London, Herts, United Kingdom)
    • Formation and dynamics of macromolecular protein complexes in response to DNA replication stress: analysis by Blue Native PAGE  Show Abstract
         Annapaola Franchitto (Rome)
    • Analysis of yeast DNA repair helicases roles in preventing recombination at replication forks using 2D gels technique  Show Abstract
         Giordano Liberi (Milan)
    • A ChIP on chip platform specific for DNA-damage  Show Abstract
         Roberto Mantovani (Milan)
    • Live cell imaging and intracellular dynamics of fluorescent proteins involved in the DNA damage response  Show Abstract
         M. Cristina Cardoso (Berlin, Germany)
    • Analysis of checkpoints/DNA repair protein interaction at the chromatin level: biochemical and immunofluorescence approaches  Show Abstract
         Ornella Cazzalini (Pavia)
  • Neural cell specification in the developing brain
    (Organizer: M. Studer)
    • Unexpected role of the Sox2 transcription factor in the generation of differentiated neurons by neural stem cells  Show Abstract
         Silvia K. Nicolis (Milan)
    • Nurr1 transfection in neural precursor and dopaminergic differentiation  Show Abstract
         Chiara Soldati (Rome)
    • Genetic interactions in cerebellar ventricular zone neurogenesis  Show Abstract
         Giacomo Consalez (Milan)
    • Specification of cerebellar GABAergic interneurons: developmental mechanisms and environmental influences  Show Abstract
         Alice Bartolini (Turin)
    • The role of Dlx5 in the development of the central and peripheral olfactory pathway  Show Abstract
         Giorgio R. Merlo (Milano)
    • The role of Hoxb1 in the specification of rhombomere 4 neuronal derivatives  Show Abstract
         Maria Di Bonito (Naples)
  • Proteotoxicity and diseases
    (Organizers: S. Masciarelli, T. Anelli)
    • Aggregation of proteins adopting fully folded conformations  Show Abstract
         Fabrizio Chiti (Firenze)
    • N-glycan processing determines the fate of newly synthesized glycoproteins  Show Abstract
         Maurizio Molinari (Bellinzona, Ticino, Switzerland)
    • Endoplasmic reticulum stress and pathogenesis of Charcot Marie Tooth 1B neuropathy  Show Abstract
         Lawrence Wrabetz (Milano)
    • Kidney diseases associated to uromodulin intracellular trafficking defects  Show Abstract
         Luca Rampoldi (Milan)
    • The processing of the Alzheimer's amyloid precursor protein (APP) is stimulated by activated p21-Ras  Show Abstract
         Loredana Amigoni (Milan)
    • Long term persistence of antisense RNA induced exon skipping in the gene therapy of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy  Show Abstract
         Tania Incitti (Rome)


16:00    FISV Lecture I    [1000A]
  • RNA interference: from an odd phenomenon to the 2006 Nobel prize  Show Abstract
       Giuseppe Macino (Rome)

17:00    Plenary Symposium I    [1000A]
Regulatory circuits and noncoding RNA
(Organizers: I. Bozzoni, D. Gallitelli)
  • RNA silencing in plants - a useful model for genetic and epigenetic mechanisms  Show Abstract
       David Baulcombe (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
  • Emerging role for microRNAs in myeloid differentiation  Show Abstract
       Alessandro Fatica (Rome)
  • Silencing and antisilencing by ncRNA  Show Abstract
       Valerio Orlando (Naples)
  • Exploiting Endogenous microRNA Regulation for Improving Gene and Cell Therapies  Upload Abstract
       Luigi Naldini (Milan)

19:00    Wine & Cheese (Get together)

20:30    Round Table I    [1000A]
Valutazione della ricerca scientifica
(Organizer: J. Meldolesi)
  • Participants: G. Cesareni, G. Corbellini, F. Salamini, F. Pasinelli