Programme .::. Thursday .::. 27 September

08:30    Minisymposia I
  • Transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation
    (Organizers: A. Riccio, D.F.V. Corona)
    • Myosin VI is recruited to the nucleus upon transcriptional activation and modulates the elongation step  Show Abstract
         Massimo P. Crippa (Milan)
    • New snRNA gene-like transcriptional units as sources of regulatory transcripts  Show Abstract
         Manuele Castelnuovo (Genoa)
    • A link between post-transcriptional gene silencing and DNA replication  Show Abstract
         Germano Cecere (Rome)
    • The RNase III Drosha controls miRNA biogenesis during transcription  Show Abstract
         Francesca Pagano (Rome)
    • Mir-9, mir-125a and mir-125b are involved in the control of human neuroblastoma cell proliferation  Show Abstract
         Ubaldo Gioia (Rome)
    • ISWI Functionally Interacts with the SIN3A/RPD3 Complex  Show Abstract
         Giosalba Burgio (Palermo)
    • Molecular characterization of CDKL5, a novel kinase involved in Rett Syndrome and Infantile Spasms  Show Abstract
         Nicoletta Landsberger (Busto Arsizio)
    • How to make a skin-tight dress: the p63/claudin-1 connection  Show Abstract
         Nadia Lo Iacono (Milano)
  • Genetics of microorganisms and microbial biotechnologies
    (Organizers: M. Bazzicalupo, S. Donadio)
    • Identification of the cellular target of the potential antitubercular drug BM212  Show Abstract
         Silvia Buroni (Pavia)
    • Characterization of a sigF mutant in Mycobacterium smegmatis  Show Abstract
         Roberta Provvedi (Padua)
    • Combating antibiotic resistance in S. pneumoniae infections: identification of neuraminidases binding peptides  Show Abstract
         Angela Romeo (Messina)
    • Proteomic analysis of Amycolatopsis balhimycina to reveal primary metabolism proteins involved in balhimycin production  Show Abstract
         Rosa Alduina (Palermo)
    • Cis-acting elements in pnp mRNA 5'-UTR and their role in autoregulation  Show Abstract
         Thomas Carzaniga (Milano)
    • Secreted proteases reflect metabolic specialization in Dermatophytes  Show Abstract
         Olivier Jousson (Trento)
    • Constitutive expression of glycopeptide resistance in Actinoplanes teichomyceticus ATCC31121 is mediated by a defective vanS gene  Show Abstract
         Flavia Marinelli (Varese)
    • pga gene expression and production of poly-N-acetyl-glucosamine (PNAG) in a biofilm-forming mutant of Escherichia coli  Show Abstract
         Letizia Tagliabue (Milan)
  • Stem cells, development and differentiation
    (Organizers: G.R. Merlo, L. Conti)
    • Cripto-independent Nodal signaling promotes positioning of the A-P axis in the mouse embryo  Show Abstract
         Giovanna L. Liguori (Naples)
    • Cellular and developmental characterization of smooth muscle cells in zebrafish  Show Abstract
         Massimo Santoro (Alessandria)
    • The association with the HMG-domain protein iBRAF suggests a new role for dystrobrevin in neuronal differentiation  Show Abstract
         Pompeo Macioce (Rome)
    • Necdin mediates myoblasts survival and accelerates skeletal muscle regeneration  Show Abstract
         Stephanie Francois (Monza)
    • Comparison of mesenchymal precursor cells isolated from adult human tissues  Show Abstract
         Barbara Gava (Siena)
    • Identification of pericytes as myogenic precursors in human skeletal muscle  Show Abstract
         Arianna Dellavalle (Milan)
    • A large scale gain-of-function screening in Neural Stem (NS) cells  Show Abstract
         Ilaria Albieri (Milan)
    • PDGF-B-induced mouse oligodendroglioma as a model for brain tumor development and progression  Show Abstract
         Filippo Calzolari (Genova)
  • DNA repair and mutagenesis
    (Organizers: F. Degrassi, S. Cinelli)
    • Genotoxicity profile of two commercial antiprotozoan/antibacterial drugs  Show Abstract
         Annamaria Buschini (Parma)
    • Molecular characterization of hprt mutations induced by Me-lex in CHO-9 cell line  Show Abstract
         Debora Russo (Genoa)
    • Chemopotentiation of cisplatin toxicity by poly(ADPR)polymerases inhibitor PJ34 in carcinoma cell  Show Abstract
         Piera Quesada (Naples)
    • Association of the hOGG1 Ser326Cys polymorphism with sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in males  Show Abstract
         Fabio Coppede' (Pisa)
    • Spatial distribution and interaction of p21CDKN1A and PARP-1 in base excision repair  Show Abstract
         Ennio Prosperi (Pavia)
    • Multifaceted involvement of the CSA protein in the removal of DNA damage  Show Abstract
         Bruno Vaz (Pavia)
    • DNA ligase I deficiency activates the ATM-dependent DNA damage checkpoint and affects cell adhesion  Show Abstract
         Samuela Soza (Pavia)
    • Role of the interaction between NBS1 and γ-H2AX in the DNA double strand break response  Show Abstract
         Alessandra Di Masi (Rome)
  • Processes and signals in the rhizosphere
    (Organizers: R. Pinton, S. Perotto)
    • Developing plant bioindicators for plant sulfur nutritional status and/or sulfate availability in the rhizosphere  Show Abstract
         Clarissa Lancilli (Milan)
    • Interaction of phytases with soil constituents and implication for hydrolysis of adsorbed inositol phosphates  Show Abstract
         Luisella Celi (Grugliasco)
    • Use of microbial biosensors to study C and N dynamics in the rhizosphere of maize cultivars with different N use efficiency  Show Abstract
         Giancarlo Renella (Firenze)
    • Biochemical and molecular characterization of microbial community in rhizosphere soil under long-term management  Show Abstract
         Carmine Crecchio (Bari)
    • Extraradical mycorrhizal networks as related to functional diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi  Show Abstract
         Luciano Avio (Pisa)
    • Influence of Cd-resistant rhizobacteria on the growth of Brassica napus under cadmium stress  Show Abstract
         Vincenza Andreoni (Milano)
    • Ericoid mycorrhizal fungi in metal polluted sites: functional and genetic diversity  Show Abstract
         Elena Martino (Turin)
    • A strategy for in situ localisation of horizontal gene transfer in rhizosphere and residuosphere of transgenic tobacco  Show Abstract
         Sara Borin (Milano)
  • Cellular stress, apoptosis and autophagy
    (Organizer: F. Cecconi)
    • Role of PPP4R2 in apoptosis and neuritogenesis  Show Abstract
         Ylenia Bosio (Turin)
    • Molecular mechanisms of neuronal cell death induced by mutant LRRK2 expression, a gene involved in Parkinson's disease  Show Abstract
         Claudia Crosio (Sassari)
    • Synaptosis in Tg2576 mouse model: a potential mechanism for early cognitive decline in Alzheimer Disease  Show Abstract
         Francesco Cecconi (Rome)
    • Down syndrome and murine Prep1-overexpressing cells display increased p53-dependent apoptosis  Show Abstract
         Nicola Micali (Milano)
    • PRIMA-1 synergizes with adriamycin to trigger an apoptotic response in non small cell lung cancer cells  Show Abstract
         Paola Menichini (Genoa)
    • A new product of oxidation of cholesterol by ozone (5,6 secosterol) and hepatic cell transformation  Show Abstract
         Clara Balsano (L'aquila)
    • Embryonic development and gene expression affected by X-rays  Show Abstract
         Valeria Matranga (Palermo)
    • Characterization of the ascorbate-glutathione cycle isoenzymes under heat shock  Show Abstract
         Vittoria Locato (Bari)

10:30    Coffee break

11:00    Plenary Symposium II    [1000A]
3D Genomic organization
(Organizers: S. Pimpinelli, V. Orlando)
  • Programming DNA replication origins and chromosome structure  Show Abstract
       Marcel MÚchali (Montpellier, France)
  • Transcription factor dynamics in living cells  Show Abstract
       Marco E. Bianchi (Milan)
  • The inactive X chromosome: a paradigm for studying the interplay between chromatin marks and chromosome organisation  Show Abstract
       Maria R. Matarazzo (Naples)
  • Transcription and nuclear organization of the genome  Show Abstract
       Peter Fraser (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

13:00    Lunch break    [Palameeting]

14:00    Poster Presentations I    [Palameeting]
             with poster authors of Minisymposia 1-6 & Special Interest Subgroups

16:00    FISV Lecture II    [1000A]
  • Dynamic interplay between chromosome synthesis, chromosome segregation and cell division during a bacterial cell cycle  Show Abstract
       Justine G. Collier (Palo Alto, CA, USA)

17:00    Parallel Symposia I
  • Mechanistic basis of ageing
    (Organizers: L. Migliore, R. Sitia)
    • Senescent cells modulate aging and cancer phenotypes  Show Abstract
         Judith Campisi (Berkeley, USA)
    • Susceptibility genes modulating survival at old age  Show Abstract
         Giovanna de Benedictis (Rende)
    • p66Shc, redox signal and aging  Show Abstract
         Marco Giorgio (Milan)
    • Proteasomes as integrators of protein synthesis and lifespan control: the plasma cell paradigm  Show Abstract
         Simone Cenci (Milano)
  • Bacteria-host cell interactions
    (Organizers: R. Manganelli, G. Riccardi)
    • Mycobacterium tuberculosis: the indigestible microbe  Show Abstract
         David G. Russell (Ithaca, NY, USA)
    • Dendritic cells in bacterial handling in the gut  Show Abstract
         Maria Rescigno (Milan)
    • The multiple functions of the Salmonella SPI-2 type III secretion system  Show Abstract
         David Holden (London, United Kingdom)
    • H. pylori infection: host-pathogen interactions  Upload Abstract
         Gianfranco Del Prete (Florence)
  • Post-translational modifications in signalling and gene regulation
    (Organizer: S. Polo)
    • Re-writing an altered epigenetic program in leukemia  Show Abstract
         Luciano Di Croce (Barcelona, Spain)
    • A proteomic approach to study S-nitrosylated proteins  Show Abstract
         Angela Bachi (Milan)
    • Ubiquitin in endocytosis and signaling  Show Abstract
         Simona Polo (Milan)
    • Viral perturbation of signaling pathways  Show Abstract
         Susanna Chiocca (Milan)
  • Plants and health
    (Organizers: E. Benvenuto, A. Cassone)
    • Molecular Farming - Global access to modern medicines  Show Abstract
         Mario Pezzotti (Verona)
    • Yield of recombinant pharmaceuticals in plants: the role of subcellular targeting  Show Abstract
         Alessandro Vitale (Milan)
    • Plant-derived allergens: a multitude of structures and functions as markers of allergy phenotypes  Show Abstract
         Adriano Mari (Rome)
    • Procyanidin regulation of vascular function - studies of red wine and chocolate  Show Abstract
         Roger Corder (London, United Kingdom)

20:30    Round Table II    [1000A]
Discussione sulle modifiche dei raggruppamenti disciplinari dell'UniversitÓ
(Organizer: F. Cervone)
  • Participants: F. Naro (membro CUN), E. Galli, R. Bassi, G. Lucchini, L. Frusciante