Programme .::. Friday .::. 28 September

08:30    Minisymposia II
  • Population genetics and evolution
    (Organizers: A. Torroni, G.G. Vendramin)
    • MtDNA haplogroup J: molecular dissection to define origin, diffusion patterns and role in disease expression  Show Abstract
         Matteo Accetturo (Pavia)
    • Variability in bitter taste perception and correlation with snp in tas2r38 gene in different student population  Show Abstract
         Maura Carrai (Pisa)
    • The Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation Publicly Accessible mtDNA Database for Ancestral and Population Studies  Show Abstract
         Alessandro Achilli (Pavia)
    • Genetic analysis of the populations of the Salmo trutta complex in Northern Italy  Show Abstract
         Giorgio Binelli (Varese)
    • Balancing selection and demography have shaped the genetic variability of the MHC class II DRB locus in Rupicapra rupicapra  Show Abstract
         Stefano Mona (Ferrara)
    • The distribution of Quercus suber chloroplast haplotypes matches the palaeogeographical history of the western Mediterranean  Show Abstract
         Giovanni G. Vendramin (Sesto Fiorentino)
    • Combined use of AFLP and Multiplex PCR in an epidemiological study of hospital infections by Staphylococcus aureus  Show Abstract
         Simona Sergi (Florence)
    • Molecular epidemiology of nosocomial infections  Show Abstract
         Francesca Donnarumma (Florence)
  • Environmental microbiology and ecology
    (Organizers: D. Zannoni, D. Daffonchio)
    • Potential role of high halophilic Pseudonocardia sp. strain in Australian stromatolites formation  Show Abstract
         Franco Baldi (Venice)
    • Enrichment of PCB dechlorinators from sediments of the Venice lagoon  Show Abstract
         Giulio Zanaroli (Bologna)
    • Enhancement of microbial mercury removal from soil in a slurry phase bioreactor  Show Abstract
         Isabella Gandolfi (Milan)
    • Effectiveness of tetraaryl-porphyrins in light-mediated inactivation of Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms  Show Abstract
         Paola Barbieri (Varese)
    • Myco-weathering of minerals: soil fungi modify asbestos in vitro  Show Abstract
         Stefania Daghino (Turin)
    • Eutrophic lake sediments host a community of H2 producing strains of Paenibacillus polymyxa  Show Abstract
         Sadhana Lal (Roma)
    • Gram positive long chain n-alkane degraders from a hydrocarbon contaminated Sicilian shoreline  Show Abstract
         Anna Maria Puglia (Palermo)
    • Stenotrophomonas maltophilia SeITE02: a bacterial strain capable to reduce selenite to Se0 in aerobic conditions  Show Abstract
         Silvia Lampis (Verona)
  • Cell cycle, oncogenes and tumor suppressors
    (Organizers: P. Lavia, M. Crescenzi)
    • pRb-dependent cyclin D3 protein stabilization is required for myogenic differentiation  Show Abstract
         Maurizia Caruso (Roma)
    • Positive and negative regulation of Myc mediated transcription  Show Abstract
         Barbara Majello (Naples)
    • STAT3 and Her2 cooperate in mammary tumorigenesis  Show Abstract
         Sara Pensa (Turin)
    • CDK4 is a direct MYCN target in neuroblastoma  Show Abstract
         Cosmeri Rizzato (Heidelberg, Germany)
    • Kinetochore-associated RanGTP regulates kinetochore-dependent microtubule nucleation in centrosome-containing cells  Show Abstract
         Francesca Degrassi (Rome)
    • Micronuclei generation and chromosomal instability after RB interference in human fibroblasts  Show Abstract
         Angela Amato (Palermo)
    • Eukaryotic initiation Factor 6 is a rate-limiting controller of translation, growth and tumorigenesis  Show Abstract
         Valentina Gandin (Milan)
    • Interplay of Calmodulin, FADD and Casein Kinase Iα in apoptosis and mitosis  Show Abstract
         Giovina Ruberti (Monterotondo)
  • Plant development and diseases
    (Organizers: A. Scala, R. Angelini)
    • The role of auxin in stamen development  Show Abstract
         Valentina Cecchetti (Rome)
    • In planta transient expression of PIs increases resistance against the pathogens Botrytis cinerea and Alternaria alternata  Show Abstract
         Matteo Lorito (Portici)
    • Hormonal interactions during tomato fruit set and development  Show Abstract
         Lorenzo Mariotti (Pisa)
    • Antioxidant function of phytic acid in seeds: evidence from a maize (Zea mais L.) low phytic acid mutant  Show Abstract
         Enrico Doria (Pavia)
    • Responses of Arum italicum leaves to the winter cold  Show Abstract
         Nicoletta La Rocca (Padua)
    • Salicylic acid activates nitric oxide synthesis in Arabidopsis roots and cultured cells  Show Abstract
         Alex Costa (Padova)
    • Characterization of the HLH/bHLH regulatory network in the shade avoidance response  Show Abstract
         Valeria Cafardi (Roma)
    • MicroRNAs, endogenous siRNAs and pathogen-related siRNAs from grape berries  Show Abstract
         Andrea Carra (Grugliasco)
  • Bioinformatics, genomics and proteomics
    (Organizers: G. Pesole, M. Alessio)
    • Finding transcription factors with over-represented binding sites in sequences from co-regulated or co-expressed genes  Show Abstract
         Giulio Pavesi (Milan)
    • Generation and analysis of a human-mouse conserved co-expression network  Show Abstract
         Ugo Ala (Torino)
    • ASPic-geneID: a new and accurate gene prediction framework  Show Abstract
         Ernesto Picardi (Bari)
    • A high quality draft of the genome sequence of Vitis vinifera L.  Show Abstract
         Mario Enrico P (Milan)
    • Autonomous and non-autonomous helitrons - missing links  Show Abstract
         Slobodanka Radovic (Udine)
    • H-NS, a master controller of warm adaptation in Escherichia coli: a transcriptomic analysis  Show Abstract
         Francesca Fabretti (Milano)
    • Modulation of proteomic profile in H295R adrenocortical  cell line induced by mitotane  Show Abstract
         Antonio Stigliano (Rome)
    • Post-translational modifications analysis of apolipoproteins present in human lipoproteins by tandem mass spectrometry  Show Abstract
         Carmine Mancone (Roma)
  • Membrane trafficking, adhesion and signal transduction
    (Organizers: A. Menegon, S. Giordano)
    • Nervous system alterations in Drosophila melanogaster sphingolipid metabolic pathway mutants  Show Abstract
         Mauro A. Zordan (Padova)
    • G-protein coupling specificity of the human oxytocin receptor: role in differential signalling pathway activation  Show Abstract
         Sara Ricciardi (Milano)
    • p140Cap controls cell-cell contact adhesion and early EGFR signalling  Show Abstract
         Laura Damiano (Torino)
    • T3 action on pancreatic β cell function: a possible role for TRβ1 in the Akt pathway  Show Abstract
         Cecilia Verga Falzacappa (Rome)
    • The expression of neurosecretion is governed by rest  Show Abstract
         Rosalba D'Alessandro (Milan)
    • A novel function for the Rab5 effector Rabenosyn-5 in planar cell polarity  Show Abstract
         Giovanna Mottola (Napoli)
    • RILP is involved in the biogenesis of multivesicular bodies  Show Abstract
         Cecilia Bucci (Lecce)
    • Role of Hrs and Tsg101 in the regulation of FGFR2b/KGFR endocytosis  Show Abstract
         Francesca Belleudi (Rome)

10:30    Coffee break

11:00    Parallel Symposia II
  • Multiplicity of endocytoses: mechanisms and pathways
    (Organizers: J. Meldolesi, A. Gasperi-Campani)
    • Dynamics of endosomal membranes  Show Abstract
         Jean Gruenberg (Geneve, Switzerland)
    • Macropinosome fission requires plasma membrane recruitment and activation of CtBP1/BARS  Show Abstract
         Antonino Colanzi (Santa Maria Imbaro)
    • A choice made by the cells after stimulated exocytosis of enlargeosomes: endocytic recycling or vesicle shedding?  Show Abstract
         Emanuele Cocucci (Milan)
    • The role of ubiquitination in the integration of EGFR signaling and endocytosis  Show Abstract
         Pier Paolo Di Fiore (Milan)
  • Chromosome segregation and genome stability
    (Organizers: S. Piatti, A. Musacchio)
    • Kinetochore capture and bi-orientation on the mitotic spindle  Show Abstract
         Tomoyuki Tanaka (Dundee, United Kingdom)
    • Cell cycle control: How to preserve chromosome numbers during cell division?  Show Abstract
         Erich A. Nigg (Martinsried, Germany)
    • Unprotected Drosophila telomeres activate the spindle assembly checkpoint  Show Abstract
         Maurizio Gatti (Rome)
    • Mechanisms that control the process of microtubule-kinetochore attachment  Show Abstract
         Andrea Musacchio (Milan)
  • Cell-cell communication and integrated signals in plants
    (Organizers: M. Lorito, P. Aducci)
    • The intrinsic stem cell factor, FEZ and its partner SOMBRERO, control auxin-sensitive oriented stem cell divisions in the root  Show Abstract
         Viola Willemsen (Utrecht, Netherlands)
    • Initiation and establishment of systemic immunity in plants  Show Abstract
         Murray Grant (Exeter, United Kingdom)
    • Sugar sensing in plants: interaction with hormone and abiotic stress signaling  Show Abstract
         Pierdomenico Perata (Pisa)
    • Metabolites and Signals in the Rhizobium-Legume Symbiosis  Show Abstract
         Eduardo J. Patriarca (Naples)
  • Bioenergy and biofuels from biomasses
    (Organizers: F. Marinelli, M. Stanca)
    • Bioenergy and biofuels, a challenge for anaerobic microbiologists  Show Abstract
         Caroline Plugge (Wageningen, Netherlands)
    • Biofuels from algae and higher plants: a comparative analysis of perspectives  Show Abstract
         Roberto Bassi (Verona)
    • Deconstructing plant biomasses to improve energy production and biorefining  Show Abstract
         Simone Ferrari (Padua)
    • Automotive biofuels: current trends and future challenges  Upload Abstract
         Luca C. Zullo (Minneapolis, USA)

13:00    Lunch break    [Palameeting]

14:00    Poster Presentations II    [Palameeting]
             with poster authors of Minisymposia 7-12

16:00    Chiara D'Onofrio Lecture    [1000A]
  • TGF-β signaling in development and cancer  Show Abstract
       Stefano Piccolo (Padua)

17:00    Scientific Society Meetings
  • ABCD
    (Organizers: G. Tarone, P. Pinton)
    • 17:45 - Premiazione della miglior Tesi di Dottorato (Rita Contento, Padova) e del miglior Poster ABCD 2007 (Federica Accorsero, Torino)
    • 17:50 - CXCR4-CCR5 heterodimer: a new couple modulating T cell functions  Upload Abstract
         Rita Contento (Padua)
    • 18:15 - ABCD President Lecture - Targeting tumor angiogenesis by genetically modified hematopoietic stem cells  Upload Abstract
         Michele De Palma (Milan)
    • 19.00 - Assemblea Soci ABCD
  • AGI
    (Organizer: G. Lucchini)
    • 17:30 - AGI Executive Council Meeting
    • 18:15 - Ph.D. thesis AGI/Zanichelli award, with presentation of the awarded work
    • 18:45 - AGI members' meeting
    (Organizers: V. Orlando, N. Landsberger)
    • 17:30 - SIBBM annual assembly
  • SIFV
    (Organizers: F. Cervone, C. Caprari)
    • 17:00 - SIFV members' meeting
    • 17:30 - Ph.D. thesis Franca Rasi Caldogno award, with presentation of the awarded work (Dott. M. Zaffagnini)
    • 18:15 - Election of the President, Secretary and Board Directors 2008-09
  • SIMA
    (Organizers: E. Dogliotti, L. Migliore)
    • 17:00 - Luigi De Carli " Etica della ricerca genetica"
    • 17:45 - Premiazione del miglior "Giovane ricercatore": Ida Casorelli ("Difetti nella riparazione del DNA in leucemie e malattie infiammatorie croniche intestinali") e del miglior Poster SIMA 2007
    • 18:15 - Assemblea Soci SIMA
    (Organizers: G. Deh, L. Frontali)
    • 17:00 - Consegna dei seguenti premi e presentazione dei lavori premiati
      Premio SIMGBM "Franco Tat" 2007, per la miglior tesi di dottorato in Microbiologia generale
      Premio "NOVARTIS" 2007, per il miglior lavoro sul tema Patogenesi microbica e vaccini
      Premio FABT "Giovanni Magni", per il miglior lavoro nel campo della Genetica dei microrganismi
    • 18:00 - Symposium on Biofilms
      (Organizer: B. Colonna)

    • 18:00 - The contribution of microbial diversity to antibiotic resistance of biofilms  Show Abstract
         Howard Ceri (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
    • RsaL, a global regulator controlling quorum sensing, virulence and biofilm formation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa  Show Abstract
         Livia Leoni (Rome)
    • 19:10 - Transition from planktonic cells to biofilm in E. coli: the CsgD regulon  Show Abstract
         Paolo Landini (Milan)
    • 20:00 - Cena Buffet
    • 21:00 - Assemblea dei soci SIMGBM