Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of the most common questions that we receive is listed below. We are always happy to help you with whatever problems you may have but, before sending us an urgent email, please make sure that the answer is not already provided below. Thank you for your cooperation.

Meeting registration

Q: I have completed STEP 1 of the registration procedure. Isn't that enough for my participation?
A: No. STEP 1 simply enters your data into our system; it is only a "pre-registration". You need to complete STEP 2 (attendance choices) to register for the meeting itself: amongst other things, the organization needs to know when you will be present at the meeting.

Q: Can I register at the meeting itself, on the day of arrival?
A: Yes - but it is not encouraged, since it doesn't allow the organization to plan for the exact number of people present.

Abstract submissions

Q: I submitted an abstract but I never received a reply. What's wrong?
A: As indicated in the submission pages, each submission automatically generates a confirmation email. If you didn't receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, we never received your abstract.

Q: I submitted an abstract and I have a confirmation email to prove it, but you didn't send me a presentation number. What's wrong?
A: It has never happened before - but you could be the first case... Send us the confirmation email and we'll look into the problem.

Q: My colleague formatted my hard disk and I lost all my email. Can you send me my presentation number again?
A: Sure. But please send us as much information as possible (UAI, email address, full name of submitter, etc) so that we can more easily identify your abstract.

Q: A virus deleted all my email. Can you send me my presentation number again?
A: Sure. See the question above.

Q: My computer broke down and I lost all my email. Can you send me my presentation number again?
A: Sure. See the questions above. There's no need to find extravagant excuses: we will help you even if you confess that you simply deleted our original message...

Oral presentations

Q: Can I give my talk in Italian?
A: No, the official language of the meeting is English. In special circumstances - and if all the attendees in your session are Italian - the session organiser may allow a presentation in Italian.

Q: I was chosen to give a talk but I don't feel comfortable speaking in English. What shall I do?
A: You should have thought about this when you submitted the abstract: there's the possibility of submitting abstracts "for poster only"... Now be brave and practice your English - it will be good for your career!

Q: How long should my talk be?
A: It depends. Unless other agreements are in place for specific sessions, the standard FISV talks have the following formats: Plenary lectures, 50 min + 10 min discussion; Plenary and Parallel symposia, 25 min + 5 min discussion; Parallel Minisymposia and Special Interest Subgroups, 12 min + 3 min discussion.

Poster presentations 

Q: How do I prepare my poster?
A: It's all on the "Information" page, in the Presentation Guidelines section...

Q: Can I write my poster in Italian?
A: No, the official language of the meeting is English.

Q: My poster is bigger than the available area. Can I put it up nonetheless?
A: No. Your neighbours would certainly complain if your poster covers theirs...

Q: When do I have to put up my poster?
A: You may put up your poster any time after your arrival. At the very latest, it should be in place for its scheduled discussion.

Q: When do I have to take down my poster?
A: You may take down your poster any time after its scheduled discussion. However, you are encouraged to leave your poster on display for as long as possible - until the end of the meeting, if possible. Please note that all posters left behind will be thrown out by the Fierecongressi personnel.

Travel and accommodation

Q: Can you take care of my hotel accommodation?
A: No. See the Hotel section in our "Information" page.

Q: Didn't you provide bus shuttles in previous years?
A: We still do. Check out our Travel page.


Q: My question is different from all the ones listed above. What do I do now?
A: Don't panic! Simply go to the Help desk section in the "Information" page and select the person best qualified to address your problem.