Getting to Riva del Garda

Riva del Garda is on the Garda Lake and can be reached by air (Verona airport), by railway (Brennero direction), and by car (A22 motorway).

Arriving by air

The FISV 2007 Organizers offer a shuttle bus service between the "Valerio Catullo" airport in Verona and Riva del Garda:

26 September  Verona airport to Riva del Garda
  Bus departures at   12:00  ·  13.45  ·  16.00  ·  18.30  ·  20:15
29 September  Riva del Garda to Verona airport
  The schedule will be available at the meeting site.

Alternatively, there is public transportation (Aerobus) from the airport to Verona "Porta Nuova" railway station.

Departures from the airport to the railway station every 20’ from 06.35 to 23.35

Departures from the railway station to the airport every 20’ from 06.10 to 23.10

One-way tickets cost €4.50 - for further information, please check the airport web pages. For directions from the railway station, see the following section.

N.B. As far as we know, there are no direct buses from the airport to Riva del Garda.

From Verona "Porta Nuova" railway station

Alternative 1. Train to Rovereto (Brennero direction) - for more information on train schedules visit the Trenitalia web pages. The journey with a fast train (IC/EC) takes 40 min; a normal train takes about 60 min. The cost of the train ticket depends on the class and type of train.

There is a bus service – Trentino Trasporti – from outsite the Rovereto railway station to Riva del Garda. The trip lasts about 20 min. Departures are every hour on working days. One-way tickets cost €2.50.

In addition, we have organized a shuttle bus service between the Rovereto railway station and Riva del Garda:

26 September  Rovereto railway station to Riva del Garda
  10.00  ·  12.00  ·  14.30  ·  16.00  ·  18.00  ·  19.40  ·  20.15
29 September  Riva del Garda to Rovereto railway station
  The schedule will be available at the meeting site.

Alternative 2. Bus service - Trentino Trasporti - from Verona "Porta Nuova" railway station to Riva del Garda. Departures are every hour from 06:40 to 18:45. One-way tickets cost €5.30.

NB - 17.09.2007: It has come to our attention that the above alternative is no longer valid. Another bus service is provided by APTV Verona — detailed information (in Italian) is available at their website. The bus line in question is 62-64.

We are grateful to all participants who help us keep the information in this page up to date.

Arriving by car

Take the A22 Brennero motorway, exit at Rovereto sud. From here, the distance to Riva del Garda is about 15 min.

Taxi services

You may also use taxi services to reach Riva del Garda. Indicative prices for a one-way trip are about €125.00 from Verona airport, and about €40.00 from Rovereto railway station.

You can help

We appreciate all the help in keeping this information as updated as possible. If you detect changes in any of the prices above, please let us know. If you know of alternative ways to get to Riva del Garda that can be of use to other participants, we will be happy to post them here. Contact us: Send an email.

You are also invited to use to FISV Forum to try to make travel arrangements with other colleagues.